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Admin December 10, 2023 2 Comments

The Most Common Solar Energy Myths and Facts

There are numerous sources online with wrong information regarding solar power. These myths center around solar energy problems and their disadvantages. Additionally, there are weird and wrong claims about solar panels being unreliable, toxic, or not doing much to reduce emissions.

The counter views began in the early 2000s when solar was new and expensive. Some of the claims about cost were true around that time. However, solar energy has advanced, and a lot has changed. We are going to look at top solar myths and facts. Let’s begin.

The most significant misinformation about solar system is inability to pay for itself. This is false. Some homeowners who have installed solar panels have reported they reached a solar breakeven point within the first four years. Homeowners who install PV modules notice that the system can payback within the first nine years.

Solar Energy Is Costly for Widespread Use

The fact is, choosing solar is one of the best decisions for homeowners. Over the past few years, the cost of installing solar has declined by over 70%. This decline makes solar energy more affordable, unlike oil and gas, which are becoming expensive annually.

Solar Panels are Toxic

The thin-film or amorphous solar panels brought about the claim of solar panels toxicity. These older solar panels contain small amounts of cadmium, often considered toxic. However, the only way they would cause harm was if they could be broken up into very small fragments.

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Rasel ArnoldNovember 29, 2023

Though author order shouldn't matter, industry custom and practical limitations say otherwise.


Ryans JosephNovember 29, 2023

Though author order shouldn't matter, industry custom and practical limitations say otherwise.


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