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Step 1

Initial Consultation

Discuss the homeowner's energy needs and desired outcomes. Evaluate the property's suitability using tools like satellite imagery and applications such as Google Earth.

Initial Consultation
Site Assessment
Step 2

Site Assessment

Conduct a physical inspection of the property to ensure it's suitable for solar installation. This includes measuring roof dimensions, checking structural integrity, and determining the optimal placement for panels based on the sun's trajectory.

Step 3

System Design

Based on the property's specific needs and features, design a solar system. This phase involves deciding on the number of panels, their arrangement, and the appropriate type of inverter.

System Design
Securing Permissions
Step 4

Secure Permissions

Apply for and obtain necessary permissions and approvals, including local council permits. Ensure that the installation adheres to the UK's Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) standards.

Step 5


Our skilled technicians will install the solar panels, ensuring they are securely mounted and optimally positioned for maximum sunlight exposure. They will also set up the inverter and connect the system to your home's electrical grid.

Step 6

Documentation & Handover

Once the installation is complete, we will provide all necessary documentation, including warranty information, maintenance guidelines, and system performance metrics. We ensure a smooth handover and are always available for post-installation support.

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